Outdoor Kitchens

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind when looking at an outdoor kitchen.

Getting the right advice up front is probably the single most important thing I can suggest.

Gas BBQ’s installations are heavily regulated and I come across many situations where a lovely new BBQ is actually installed outside of code. Apart from the obvious safety concerns, this leaves great scope for insurance claims to be rejected should a problem ever occur. The right advice will also eliminate unnecessary extra costs to back track and retro fit services.

Material selection is probably the second most important thing to consider. Outdoors, even under an alfresco roof is a very different environment to inside your house. The materials need to withstand long term exposure outside will cost more, but when cheaper alternatives are used, you will be disappointed in the not too distant future.

From our perspective, whether you looking for that minimalistic, contemporary look or something that will fit into an older house with a bit more character, it all starts with the right design. Our photo realistic 3D design process lets you play around with the layout, materials and general functionality of the kitchen before a shovel ever hits the dirt. There are no surprises and you know exactly what to expect.

We can take care of absolutely everything from council permits & preliminary trade rough-ins all the way through to kitchen installation & final trade connections. Alternatively, if you wish to take on more of the project yourself, we are happy to offer as much of our services as you need.

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