Landscape Design

Often when faced with a large project like a whole yard renovation, it almost becomes too daunting to deal with. The easy fix is to take it on in sections. This is fine but very often leads to one of 3 things:-

– Extra expense due to back tracking; fixing earlier efforts that were damaged; or adding things ad hoc

– The enviable comment – “if only we’d…”

– The yard looks pieced together, with no real flow

In addition to our outdoor kitchens, we offer our 3D design service to come up with a complete landscaping master plan. Once finalised, the end result is a detailed and accurate pictorial of your goal. You can then do-it-yourself in your own time and budget, source your own contractors or have AOK help you out with construction. It means that you’ll be in far better position to work on budget forecasts and establish an order-of-works time line.

Whether you want that Bali feel or a haven for the teenage kids, from floors to roof, from gardens to ponds, from art features to advice on lighting – we can help you design a yard that will be the envy of all your mates. Oh, and just for the record – it doesn’t have to have an outdoor kitchen, but where will you cook the steaks?