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Australian Outdoor Kitchens was established in Perth in October 2008 by me, Matt Lihou and Greg McIntosh.

Greg and I first met over 20 years ago, working in the ‘indoor’ kitchen industry. It seems however that Outdoor Kitchens are in my blood. On a recent trip back to my family home in Sydney, I took these photos of two early outdoor kitchens. The lower photo shows one built by my father in 1968 (the year I was born). It stands in the reserve behind our family home and was the center of the neighborhood weekends. The top shot shows another early attempt at an outdoor kitchen. My father and I built this in the backyard in 1989 and it was christened at my 21st.

Who knew, two decades later and on the other side of the country, I’d still be into building outdoor kitchens…? For the record, both are still in use today!

An architectural designer by trade, I have spent my career in and around the building and design industries. For several years I worked as an interior designer, predominantly designing internal kitchens. Recently my work took me to the USA where I spent five years dealing with the outdoor kitchen market, based in Boston. I was regularly buried in 6 feet of snow and soon realized that my adopted home town of Perth, provided the perfect climate for outdoor kitchens and that I should bring the knowledge I’d gained back home.

I use a blend of landscape architecture, along with years of experience in the ‘inside’ kitchen industry to provide functional, yet aesthetically pleasing outdoor kitchen designs. The whole team gets huge satisfaction from knowing that we help change the way people live. I constantly hear comments like, “It’s fantastic – we get home, the TV stays off and we all spend the evening outside, talking and enjoying each other’s company” or “The weekends are the best – we wake up and go out the back for our coffee and toast and then stay outside for the rest of the day”.

We have the capability to truly design a unique and personalised place in your home. No challenge is too great and I will be available to offer as much or as little advice as you feel you need. My personal style is to make a piece of backyard landscape that functions as an efficient and productive kitchen. Contemporary style is certainly a part of current trends however, providing a product that suits your particular home’s style is paramount. One of the most popular materials we are currently manufacturing is polished concrete surfaces. The ability to make them to almost any shape and finish lets us offer a truly stunning alternative to the likes of granite and stainless steel finishes.

From the initial consultation through to the time you first fire up the BBQ, communication is key to ensure you are fully informed and updated on the status of your job. You will be involved in a photo realistic 3D design process that allows you to view the proposed design from all angles. This means you are fully aware of what to expect and can make any of those small changes that will ultimately, make the big difference to the finished kitchen.

Here at Australian Outdoor Kitchens, we will take care of absolutely everything – from council permits & preliminary trade rough-ins all the way through to kitchen installation & final trade connections.

All we ask is that you come with an open mind and a love for the outdoors.

Take a look at our gallery and see what we do – we’re all looking forward to meeting you!

australian outdoor kitchen

australian outdooor kitchen